Marussia Team Remembers Bianchi

Marussia team remembers Jules Bianchi this July as it has been one year since the young man did his team proud.

He did pay a high price for the same as he collapsed under the head injuries he received. Jules Bianchi had participated in the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014 and represented the team accordingly. The wet conditions of the track however proved fatal for his ride.

It is not often that the loss of a driver weighs down on an F1 team. With advanced security and safety measures that are adopted in the car models as well as track conditions, it is rare these days that fatal injuries and accidents occur. However, Marussia experienced the loss of Bianchi, who was 25 years of age when he crashed on the lap of 43 in the scheduled lap’s race that included 53 laps. The race had occurred at the famed Suzuka circuit. As his car collided with a crane tractor used for removing Sauber’s car, it spun and crashed outside of the Dunlop curve on lap 42. He was French in origin. There was an emergency surgery that was conducted on him, after which he was put into an induced coma. He remained in this state till he passed away on July 17th 2015. The tragic death was one of the few instances of losses on the F1 tracks after Ayrton Senna who had passed away at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994.
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Virgin Racing Marussia Enters With A New Name

One of the new teams that came on in 2010 was Virgin Racing. They also came with a budget cap that was proposed.

However the budget cap never arrives due to which the teams were unable to get themselves off the grid. Hence, most of them end up being slower than the established teams, about five seconds or so slower. The team originated from Manor Motorsport. It was formed in collaboration between John Booth and Wirth Research. Virgin bought a holding in the shares due to which naming rights was achieved by the company.

The car that was introduced definitely had some innovations in it. Computational fluid dynamics, commonly known as a CFD, became part of the F1 race, courtesy the car that was introduced by Virgin Racing. However the fuel tank proved to be inadequate for which the chassis had to be redesigned in the middle of the first season. Read more »

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Mark Webber Expresses His Admiration For Ron Walker

Mark Webber, who is one of the luminaries of Formula one racing from Australia, has expressed his appreciation for Ron Walker who contributed greatly for hosting Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit which is located at Albert Park Melbourne. The event is all set to take place in Melbourne, earlier the event used to be held in Adelaide. Ron Walker is the present Chairman of the Australian Grand Prix. The event is scheduled to begin next month.

Melbourne will play host to Australian Grand Prix for the 20th time this year. Ron Walker is also the person who made it possible for Melbourne to play host to this race for at least five years more. Mark Webber, the Formula one racer who managed to secure nine grand prix victories considers that Ron Walker deserves to get credit not only for making it possible for the race to be held in Melbourne, but also for letting Melbourne play host to the event for at least five more years.

He also regards Ron Walker’s work to keep the event in that location for twenty years beyond any doubt something that deserves admiration. Mark Webber also said that the work is a very hard one indeed. It will be the last time that the race will be held under Ron Walker’s chairmanship. Read more »